Now, track your complaints in real time on Delhi Police website with new version of CCTNS

Now, track your complaints in real time on Delhi Police website with new version of CCTNS

The Delhi police have introduced a new version of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS) to make the procedure of filing complaints at police stations more transparent. With this move, citizens residing in the national capital can track their complaint lodged at police station online. According to a report by Times of India, after the filing of a complaint, a number will be given by the concerned police officer to the complainer. The complainer can then track the status of the complaint by visiting the official website of Delhi police. The new system will be supervised by senior officers of Delhi police, Judges and Jail officials.

Speaking to the daily, Rajan Bhagat, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Records) said that connecting the police stations with the newly introduced system will help to monitor the crime, criminals and the ongoing probe into the complaints. “This would Bring in transparency in working of police and make it citizen- friendly. This cultural change will improve the reliability and quality of police functioning,” Bhagat told TOI.

The new version i.e. 4.5 which was introduced on September 1, 2018, will display detail information of people arrested in all police stations in the past 24 hours. As per the report, all the police stations will be given access to a national database for transfer of details to reduce the time in case of the interstate probe.

The move will make the interstate probe more transparent. The new system will also be connected with PCR number 100 so that the call can be immediately transferred to the concerned police station. The other system which will be linked to the CCTNS is criminal dossier, automatic finger and palm print identification system, crime and criminal information system, motor vehicle theft, personal information system and ZIPNET. The Delhi police are also launching a pilot project which will separate the probe unit from law and order duties. The probe teams will be formed under the rank of ‘Inspector’.


Source:- financialexpress