Google Launched An Awesome App For Your Android

Google Launched An Awesome App For Your Android

Google Launched An Awesome App For Your Android

In search of the next billion users, the tech giant Google has just launched a lighter version of the Android operating system for low-end mobile phones, as well as a series of applications that save space on the device and reduce mobile data consumption.

The introduction of the new products was made in India, which is the main target of the tech giant Google with these new products and a country where many millions of users are connecting to the Internet through cheap smartphones and limited data plans. The country has close to 1.4 billion inhabitants, and about 400 million, less than a third, are connected to the Internet.

At the centre of the new releases is Android Oreo (Go Edition), a lighter and faster variant of the Android operating system. Currently, it is available to developers and manufacturers in both the developing and the rest of the world and is designed for devices with less than 1GB of RAM. It is part of Android 8.1, the new version of Oreo, which also begins to reach users.

Go Edition includes fewer pre-installed applications, saving space for storage, as well as smaller versions of applications such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube (with fewer features and less-defined videos), and the tech giant Google’s virtual assistant (Google Assistant). The mobile traffic saving feature also remains on by default in this version of the Android operating system.

However, as the tech giant Google continues its drive to make its services accessible to users with low-end mobile devices or slow connections to the Internet. In this regard, today the tech giant Google, introduced Google Go, a search application defined as “data friendly”.

The application was first published in beta in August when it was known as Search Lite, and now it was released for some Android smartphone in the entry segment. With only 5 MB size, as the application will not occupy large amounts of space on a device, an important fact as cheaper devices, which are popular in emerging markets, have limited capacity.

The platform also includes offline support and is ready to operate even with broken Internet connections, two factors that affect users in India (its main objective) and other emerging markets.

Specifically, the application focuses on allowing discovery beyond the search. That is, it shows ‘outstanding fragments’ that offer a summary of contents related to search results and suggested topics. It also adds support for trend searches, and you can also use voice inputs for performing any search.

The application adds to the introduction of the Datally data management application, the Files Go storage application and the YouTube Go expansion, all aimed at making the tech giant Google and its services relevant to users in emerging markets. Even, a ‘Go’ version of Android is also being prepared as we already clarified above.

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